Working in a New Way 2018-06-06T09:17:20+00:00

When learning is part of an organization’s culture, there is a difference in the success that the business is able to drive.

And when organizations create learning that fits the reality of what humans can accomplish during a workday, factoring in the working environment, it’s effective.
How do successful organizations make this happen? Oxygen recently partnered with HCI in a study that revealed businesses everywhere are seeking breakthrough performances from their people – and are willing to pay for them. However, the systems in place today to help people succeed aren’t meeting executive expectations. There is a gap between what CEOs hope to get from their investments and how learning organizations actually operate – as if the pressure to repeat and scale learning has all but dropped the human elements that make learning at work effective.
Our research reinforced the view that when learning is humanized and tied to business outcomes, people and their organizations perform better. And this has major implications for the people developing learning experiences and for the way these experiences demonstrate their value to the business.
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