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Juliana Stancampiano, Oxygen CEO 

The official bio: I’m an entrepreneur and CEO and I’ve led Oxygen since 2008. I have worked with Fortune 100 companies, both in them and for them, over the span of my career thus far and I bring that experience into the research and forward leaning perspective that Oxygen embraces. I have worked in complex, matrixed organizations, with the goal of helping individuals be successful, so that the companies can be in turn. This work has officially resulted in numerous articles, research papers and now a book, Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results, coming in early 2019.

The unofficial side: I believe that people inherently show up to work wanting to have an impact and be successful. In our complex environment, where change is constant and the bar is continuously rising, I believe that the expectations on the people who do the actual work are high, and there is an overwhelming amount of noise they have to navigate in order to find that success. I am passionate about unburdening people so that they can make progress, do their job and create success for themselves and the company they work for.


Oxygen’s people are producers, writers, designers, learning architects, experience managers (you might know them as project managers), creatives and all the people that help the business run smoothly. Collectively we team to help our clients produce business outcomes, and in general we are passionate communicators and improvisors who like challenging work.