Modernizing Learning and Development

As part of our Signature Series Sponsorship with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), HCI’s Director of Research, Jenna Filipkowski speaks with Brian Lambert, Ph.D., about his vision to modernize learning and development (L&D) on this edition of HCI’s  Nine to Thrive HR  podcast, Building a Business-Centric and Outcome-Minded L&D Function. Throughout our promotions for our research survey and our previous webcast with HCI, we’ve used the terms “modernize” and “modernizing” when referring to the shift that L&D needs to make to become more relevant to the business today. In this podcast, Brian explains exactly what we mean when using these terms as well as why we are conducting research that looks into modernizing learning and development.

Here are some additional topics that Brian and Jenna discuss in this brief podcast:

  • L&D needs to change and so do L&D practitioners
  • Recommendation for L&D practitioners on how they can help in moving L&D forward
  • The L&D function operating as a business within a business
  • The “From what to what” journey of L&D
  • Advice for L&D professionals looking to modernize their L&D function


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Watch the webcast from 12/01/2016
The Future of L&D: A Vision to Modernize the Learning Function in the 21st Century

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