The Current State of L&D

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Oxygen recently ran a study of Learning & Development providers and their internal customers, to better understand the perceptions and gaps between the two groups. What we found: while providers believe they should have a major impact on the business, and have established decent relationships with their business constituents, they aren’t able to fulfill needs very

The New Talent Development Mandate

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By:  Oxygen  This post originally appeared on on Wednesday, June 01, 2016.  Understanding and aligning to the CEO’s agenda for driving growth While many CEOs are focused—and rightly so—on an agenda for driving growth, businesses are still falling short, described by what is now becoming a familiar phrase: the gap between strategy and execution. This adaptive

Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Your Talent Management Outputs?

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This post originally appeared on on March 1, 2017 Pretend that we gave you a 1995 flip phone and asked you to do your job with it. How would that make you feel? Would you use it? Or, would you reject it? Would you be intrigued by it? Or, would you be confused trying